Reiki Private Session Holistic Energy Healing Practice

Reiki, or energy healing, is a self-care practice that is gaining a lot of popularity in our culture. Although it’s new to most of us, energy healing has been around for thousands of years. Reiki originated in ancient Tibetan Buddhism and, much like ayurveda and yogic philosophy, assumes that both physical and mental ailments can […]

Blue Lotus Ceremony

Blue Lotus Ceremony

Our Blue Lotus Ceremony engages participants in a sacred ritual that incorporates blue lotus flower petals in the form of tea or tincture. Throughout history, blue lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) has held a significant role in spiritual and healing traditions. It possesses calming and sedative properties, reducing stress and anxiety while fostering relaxation and well-being. Additionally, […]

Chakra Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

Woman uses chime during Elemental Sound Bath to foster the sense of air movement

Our Chakra Crystal Bowl Sound Bath uses crystal singing bowls to create a meditative and healing experience in sound therapy. Our pure quartz crystal singing bowls have the unique ability to amplify and transmit energy. To produce the resonant sound, we strike or rub the bowls with a mallet, allowing the vibrations to permeate the […]

Elemental Sound Bath

Woman uses chime during Elemental Sound Bath to foster the sense of air movement

Our Elemental Sound Bath provides a sound therapy experience that aligns the body’s energy centers with the natural elements: water, fire, air, and earth. We tailor the experience to invoke the healing vibrations of each element, recognizing their specific qualities and characteristics. For instance, during a water sound bath, we use the sound of flowing […]

Couples Sound Bath

Man and woman participate in a Couples Sound Bath to connect on a deeper and more intimate level

We designed our Couples Sound Bath sessions to offer a unique sound therapy experience that promotes a deeper sense of connection and healing for couples. During a Couples Sound Bath, couples lie down side by side and immerse themselves in soothing sounds and vibrations created by various instruments. These sounds help release tension and stress […]

Group Sound Bath

Sound healing during Group Sound Bath

During our Group Sound Bath, we use various instruments, such as singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and drums, to create a meditative and healing environment as part of sound therapy. Participants lie down on yoga mats or blankets and allow the sound vibrations to wash over them, creating a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Sound Baths […]

Pranayama Workshop

women doing pranayama exercises during a pranayama workshop

We designed our Pranayama Workshop to guide individuals towards a greater awareness of their breath and its connection to their physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Pranayama is a Sanskrit term that describes the practice of controlling the breath in yoga. It involves consciously regulating the breath to balance the flow of prana, or life force […]

Chakra Healing Class

Women uses mindful practices to balance and heal her seven main chakras during Chakra Healing Class

Chakra in Sanskrit means ‘disc’ or ‘wheel’, and the word refers to the seven energy centers in our body, located along the length of our spine.  The chakra system starts at the base of our spine and moves up through the top of our head.  We can think of each chakra as a spinning wheel […]

Sound Healing Class

Holistic wellness Participants relax to vibrations of a singing bowl during Sound Healing Class

Sound healing involves instruments like singing bowls or gongs, in either a one-on-one session or in a group setting. Proponents and researchers say sound healing can realign our brainwaves to a state of homeostasis, and the resulting relaxation can improve things like anxiety and insomnia. Some research even suggests that sound can improve physical things […]

Mindfulness Class

Woman practicing mindfulness during Manfulness Class

We designed our Mindfulness Class to help individuals cultivate greater awareness and focus in their daily lives. Mindfulness involves the practice of paying attention to the present moment, without judgment, and with curiosity and openness. Research has shown that this practice offers numerous benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety, increasing emotional regulation, improving focus and […]


Certified Instructor


I fully embraced the yoga asana practice after an injury prevented me from running. Seeking a practice that would bring me peace and comfort in my body I immersed myself in the study and practice of yoga. This led me to completing my 200 hour yoga teacher training and social emotional learning certification. During this journey my passion to make yoga inclusive was sparked! I truly believe that yoga is for everybody!! Outside of the studio I am a wife, mom of 2 adult children and a special education teacher who loves connecting with nature whether it be hiking, biking, gardening, skiing or enjoying a book outside. I am also a Reiki Master/Practitioner.

Tiffany Reinitz

Certified Instructor


It was around 2005 when Tiffany first heard the word Ayurveda and learned its meaning – and it changed her life forever. It was a moment of “before” Ayurveda in her life and “after” – having learned a whole different paradigm of health and wellness, while still in pharmacy school. With the two types of medicine being as different as possible, Tiffany found deep healing and meaning applying Ayurvedic principles to her own life and has since made it her life’s work to integrate the two types of medicine – seeing value in both. She likes to focus first on the emphasis of preventative medicine valued & practiced most in Ayurveda.

For Tiffany & her family, Ayurveda has become foundational for how to live the best life possible not only physically but mentally, emotionally & spiritually as well. Tiffany practices yoga not only as a physical exercise but primarily to embrace the lifestyle and philosophy behind the vast and ancient teachings. She has been to India 8 times – most often both formally & informally studying yoga, meditation, Tibetan Medicine and Ayurveda in addition to diving deeper into her own practices & personal wellness journey.

Tiffany’s interest in complementary and alternative therapies lie primarily in Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, Tibetan Medicine, energy healing and more. She is a a board certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor (2021), Ayurvedic Practitioner (2023), & level 1 certified (200 hour) Kundalini yoga instructor (2016). Additionally, she is a Reiki Master (2008) & holds a certificate in Complementary and Alternative therapies from the Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota (2008).

She is a highly skilled critical care hospital pharmacist prior to finding her passion and life’s purpose in Ayurveda & yoga. She is the mother to two amazing daughters and is married to her wonderful husband Mark.

In addition, I would like to acknowledge that I am aware of the access to this information my privilege has allowed me to have. I have benefited from the rich traditions of this amazing & ancient culture that historically has been marginalized.

Cherry Wisemen

Certified Reiki Master and Sound Healer

Sound Healing
Cherry has been a Reiki Master for 3 years and a Certified Sound Healer for about 2 years. Her mission is to help others relax their bodies and minds through sound and Reiki energy work. When she is not at the Sanctuary helping people relax and healing, she is working her full time job as a massage therapist. Cherry has been a massage therapist for 12 years now. She truly enjoys helping others heal the total body and mind with all her modalities.
When she’s not working, you will find her hanging out with her family and friends enjoying the outdoors, or out on an adventure with her dog. Cherry also has 1 cat and 5 ducks. She loves all animals and they truly help ground her and heal the soul.

Laura Ritchie

Certified Instructor

Chakra Healing

Initially hesitant to give it a try, Laura picked up yoga eight years ago and has never looked back. It transformed her physical and mental health, as well as her passion for spirituality and self-discovery.  Overtime, she expanded her spiritual horizons to include meditation, pranayama, Reiki, and plant medicines. For Laura, healing is an essential part of her daily wellness routine, which she believes is necessary for her own physical and mental health, as well as for bringing healing to others.

When Laura started noticing the benefits of her yoga practice, she felt as if she had found an answer she had been searching for for a long time. She learned that most of our suffering is a result of an imbalance in our body or mind, and that holistic health practices can effectively and safely address the core issue, rather than treat at symptom-level. Laura’s profound life changes spurred her desire to share what she’d learned, and continues to learn, with others. She understands the power to improve our health and lives, and is dedicated to helping others unlock that potential.

When you join one of Laura’s classes or book a personal session, you will be greeted with an open, welcoming environment committed to your healing and well being. Laura gratefully shares what she has learned through her own journey, and honors the unique journey of every individual she works with. She embraces a holistic approach to life and is open about the transformative impact it has had on her. Laura believes fully in the famous Yogic phrase “Namaste,” meaning ‘the divinity in me honors the divinity in you.’ 

In addition to teaching, Laura spends time diving deeper into holistic wellness practices, learning about them from all angles to provide the most comprehensive service for others, and routine for herself.  Laura’s other passion is writing, and she writes regular blogs about yoga and plant medicine.  Laura enjoys the outdoors, and travels frequently during the harsh Midwest winters to escape the cold and train with her Teachers.  Laura’s number one priority, however, is her son Arlo, who has been her life’s greatest blessing, inspiration, and challenge.

Zach Temp

Certified Instructor

Sound Healing

Zach believes that there are holistic practices and teachings that can help one grow, find peace, and become more present in their everyday life. He acknowledges that everyone experiences life through their own lens and finding oneself can be difficult at times. Turning to holistic wellness practices is a wonderful place to start.

Zach turned to teaching to help people discover their true self. He finds joy in using his own gifts for the good of other people. Zach’s classes have a welcoming and friendly environment. When client’s become discouraged with their journey, Zach is always quick to remind his clients that patience is a virtue. The mind can be affected by many contributing factors, but positive outcomes can be gained through practice. 

Zach enjoys spending his free time coaching and playing volleyball, going to parks and on trips with his dogs, biking, playing music.

Shea White

Sanctuary Coordinator


Shea started exploring holistic wellness through Positive Psychology 12 years ago as she began her own healing journey. Diving deeper into holistic wellness practices such as meditation, mindfulness and breathing techniques, Shea has found healing from mental health, PTSD and addiction. Today, she leads an authentic and fulfilling life, strengthened by deeper self-connection and improved relationships.

Shea’s journey to wellness ignited a passion for strength, self-compassion, connection, and breath in every aspect of life. Over the past 6 years, as a licensed clinical professional with diverse clientele, she has gained deeper insights through ongoing education and training. Beyond her clinical work, she shares knowledge and personal experiences to empower others in their healing journey. Shea is a strong advocate that we have the power to bring healing to ourselves  through connection with our bodies and true selves. She believes everyone deserves to nurture self-compassion, and forge authentic connections with themselves and others.

Shea’s classes provide a safe and warming environment that promotes holistic healing. By incorporating music, meridian points, guided meditations, and introspective activities, she helps students connect the mind and body, enhance awareness, overcome challenges, release what holds you back She teaches powerful breathing and meditation techniques that encourage mindfulness, grounding, restoration and empowerment, ultimately promoting holistic wellbeing.

In addition to teaching, Shea loves exploring the outdoors, crafting, and spending time with family and friends. She enjoys staying up to date on holistic wellness and psychology, and empowering others through education and self-awareness. Get ready to be inspired by Shea, she’s one cool cat!